Ultra Trail Serra Montsant

Ultra Trail Serra Montsant

The UTSM is one of the best race in Catalonia and Spain. It was born from the idea of ​​creating a balanced encounter between a natural environment of a very special value, such as that of the Serra de Montsant Natural Park; the people who inhabit the villages integrated in the territory and the athletes who, with their strong sports and human commitment, will be the ones who will trace the route that unites them.

The competition reaches its twelfth edition, after being released in 2009 and having increased year after year the number of participants.

The UTSM is a walking race, affordable, despite its 63km and 3.200m of positive slope, with the intention of offering you the experience of running in total freedom and semi-autonomy in a framework of hermitic tradition, which served as an isolated place of world to ascetics and anacoretas who voluntarily sought the return to austerity, simplification and contemplation in silence in a perfect environment for it as is the Montsant (hence its name Monte Santo). Apart from the queen test, there are three more races so are the 27km-13km-7km trails, which will be run on Sunday. There is also the possibility of running the race in two stages, Stage Run Serra Montsant 90km,  joining the Ultra 63k on Saturday and the 27k trail on Sunday, and thus adding one more ITRA point. And the novelty of last edition, the new distance of Marathon-HTSM 41km, scoring 2 ITRA points and qualifying for UTMB 50k.

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