Runiceland is a race that we know well and that we ran back in 2012. An event but above all a location whose name alone evokes places that go beyond the imaginary: glaciers, volcanoes, a marriage and the real fusion between water, ice and fire. Living this experience was an almost supernatural and instinctive act thawe will undoubtedly carry in our hearts and in our memories forever.
With Alberto Rovera, creator together with his companion and friend of 1000 adventures Dino Bonelli of this exciting and spectacular stage race, let’s discover its origin.

Hi Alberto, let’s go back in time: can you tell us how Runiceland was born?
I was already organizing events in Italy always related to trail running. With my friend Dino we were invited as volunteers to the first edition of the Toubkal Trail in Morocco back in 2009, there the idea of organizing something similar was born, having a friend, Giorgio Codias, who in Iceland worked and works as a guide, it was almost automatic: Run Iceland!!!

Runiceland had been the first of a long cycle of running events organized by you and Dino. What has been the evolution of Runiceland and where has your great passion for travel, running and adventure led you?
In different parts of the world, immediately after Iceland in Mexico where we organized the Carrera de Baja, then in Uganda where we organized the Uganda TTT, in Benin for and at the same time in Morocco where I organize the Desert Running Camp, formerly with Marco Olmo and now with Michele Graglia as trainer (

Looking beyond: what will be the future of Runiceland?
We would like to continue the formula of the stage race trying to always offer something new and intriguing in a country that has always proved to be one of the most fascinating and engaging for this type of activity.

This year, it will take place in June and not between the end of August and September as per tradition: are there still places available for this edition? How is it possible to participate?
This year we propose it in June to try something new, to experience the thrill of running the stage in the midnight sun and finally running among the lupins in bloom in the presence of the magnificent Puffins, the birds that in September they see more. There are still places available, but hurry up! Rules and registrations:

And how do you see yourself in a year? Projects?
Definitely still in Iceland and Morocco, Covid unfortunately forced us to stop with other destinations, but we plan to start again as early as 2024. I will then be busy already this year with the Valle Maira Occitan Trail in October (www.mairaoccitantrail. it) as well as other minor events, then there will be a very important novelty for the month of September, very soon all the novelties in this regard.

Thank you

Thanks to you Marco and I invite all readers to follow us in our adventures sharing the passion for running! Happy racing everyone and see you soon on some trails!

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