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From the glories of Genghis Khan’s empire to the present day. The charm of Mongolia remains unshaken and unchanged over the centuries. Land of expanses, steppes and deserts, of wayfarers and shepherds. The world told in the Milione, the book of the long travel and experience of Marco Polo, son of a family of merchants from Venice. Mongolia is a vast expanse conditioned by a climate that is anything but mild, where landscapes, habitats and traditions are perfectly preserved and handed down from generation to generation.
With Joan Carbonel, organizer of the mongolia trail run, let’s discover this part of the world.

Hi Joan, welcome back, let’s start immediately with a dry question: what led you to tie yourself to Mongolia?
Mongolia had always been an undiscovered territory for me. Luckily, I got to know it in 2017 on a motorcycle trip. Upon returning home I felt the need to create a trail running product in these beautiful landscapes. Undoubtedly a very romantic project, made from the heart.

What are the major differences between the European world and the Mongolian civilization?
The relationship with nature and the relationship with time. The race takes place in places where time seems to stand still. It is a merit of wanting to preserve the traditions of the Mongolian nomads. Their lifestyle, their customs, their freedom in such a vast space. The relationship with the animals and the acceptance that nature is strong and capricious, always adapting. They are hospitable by necessity and it shows at all times.

What are the aspects that most fascinate you about this land and the most controversial ones?
I am fascinated by the landscape, the animals in freedom, the power of nature, the Mongolian culture and how proud they are of it, contemplating the nomadic lifestyle in which few Europeans could adapt with our frenetic day to day life. To gain time to time. Time to exist and to feel life.
It is controversial the difference between the capital and the rural areas, the need they have to want to westernize (or Americanize), the sudden changes of weather in which you can go from sun and heat to cold summer.

In addition to being a running experience, the Mongolia Trail Run is above all a travel experience: how do these two factors complement each other in your proposal?
Without a doubt, Mongolia Trail Run is more than a race. It is a trip that integrates the trail running stage race with that other part that shows you the nomadic culture, either with visits to local yurts to talk to them, see how and what they do, how is their daily life, visits to museums, temples, the explanations of the guides, the relationship with the local staff of the race … all this makes you experience a great trip, a trip more complete than the simple race. Now, the routes of the stages have been designed to show various landscapes of Mongolia, from the desert to the steppe and passing through its hills and forests; the last stage, passing by several important monuments of the Karkhorin area, ends in one of the most important preserved temples of Mongolia, so that you end up not only discovering a territory doing sport, but you become impregnated with its people and traditions.

How is it possible to participate in the Mongolia Trail Run and what are the requirements to participate?
Participating in the Mongolia Trail Run has the differential fact that it allows you to run with a small backpack of about 20 liters each day. Just enough to carry the mandatory material (raincoat, gloves and hat) plus 1 kitro of water and some food, since the stages have an average of 30 km and every 10 km there is a refreshment station. At the end of the stages, the life bag is recovered along with a complete buffet prepared to recover strength. And once in the accommodation, (campsites called Tourist camps) you will have a yurt to rest where your travel suitcase will be, a hot shower and a recovering dinner.
This race format allows you to easily recover from the wear and tear of each day, so participating in the Mongolia Trail Run does not require more than being a little fit and being a regular runner or walker. Another of the facilities offered is being able to participate in the Nomad modality, in which you can skip 2 stages, if for some reason you need to rest one day.
And how could it be otherwise, Mongolia Trail Run is open to accompanying persons with a parallel cultural program during race hours. Are you coming?


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Runiceland is a race that we know well and that we ran back in 2012. An event but above all a location whose name alone evokes places that go beyond the imaginary: glaciers, volcanoes, a marriage and the real fusion between water, ice and fire. Living this experience was an almost supernatural and instinctive act thawe will undoubtedly carry in our hearts and in our memories forever.
With Alberto Rovera, creator together with his companion and friend of 1000 adventures Dino Bonelli of this exciting and spectacular stage race, let’s discover its origin.

Hi Alberto, let’s go back in time: can you tell us how Runiceland was born?
I was already organizing events in Italy always related to trail running. With my friend Dino we were invited as volunteers to the first edition of the Toubkal Trail in Morocco back in 2009, there the idea of organizing something similar was born, having a friend, Giorgio Codias, who in Iceland worked and works as a guide, it was almost automatic: Run Iceland!!!

Runiceland had been the first of a long cycle of running events organized by you and Dino. What has been the evolution of Runiceland and where has your great passion for travel, running and adventure led you?
In different parts of the world, immediately after Iceland in Mexico where we organized the Carrera de Baja, then in Uganda where we organized the Uganda TTT, in Benin for and at the same time in Morocco where I organize the Desert Running Camp, formerly with Marco Olmo and now with Michele Graglia as trainer (

Looking beyond: what will be the future of Runiceland?
We would like to continue the formula of the stage race trying to always offer something new and intriguing in a country that has always proved to be one of the most fascinating and engaging for this type of activity.

This year, it will take place in June and not between the end of August and September as per tradition: are there still places available for this edition? How is it possible to participate?
This year we propose it in June to try something new, to experience the thrill of running the stage in the midnight sun and finally running among the lupins in bloom in the presence of the magnificent Puffins, the birds that in September they see more. There are still places available, but hurry up! Rules and registrations:

And how do you see yourself in a year? Projects?
Definitely still in Iceland and Morocco, Covid unfortunately forced us to stop with other destinations, but we plan to start again as early as 2024. I will then be busy already this year with the Valle Maira Occitan Trail in October (www.mairaoccitantrail. it) as well as other minor events, then there will be a very important novelty for the month of September, very soon all the novelties in this regard.

Thank you

Thanks to you Marco and I invite all readers to follow us in our adventures sharing the passion for running! Happy racing everyone and see you soon on some trails!

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Michele Graglia, the dune hunter

2022 was the first year that saw Michele Graglia rise to the role of leader and guide among the immense expanses and dunes of the Merzouga desert, on the occasion of the annual Desert Running Camp, an internship event promoted by The Italian Outdoor School ( Michele boasts a running curriculum with podiums and prestigious victories that have led him to be among the most popular ultra-runners in the world.
With Michele we talk about his experience at Desert Running Camp 2022, keeping an eye on both his past and the near future.

Hi Michele, life always reserves great surprises, even in the most extreme environments on earth. Since 2022 you have become the point of reference for all those who want to try running in the desert at the Desert Running Camp. What is the vote you give yourself as a Desert Trainer and what was the feedback from the participants in last year’s edition?
Personally I would give full marks to the Camp but I can hardly rate myself. I just know that I do my best to ensure safety as well as a unique and unforgettable experience! The feedback from all past participants has always been more than positive, proof of which is the fact that year after year there are many runners who return to relive those days between sand and stars!

Running is a long journey that begins and never seems to end. What was the evolution that led you to tackle long distances first and then the desert, always running?
Running has always represented freedom, research and exploration. Not only of the places you pass through but also of yourself.
An opportunity to confront each other, and feel connected. With my own self. After numerous adventures among the most beautiful landscapes of this lot, I have found that being in a fascinating and vast environment like the desert has always emphasized this wonderful experience even more.

How did you feel in the role of host and guide towards those who participated in Desert Running Camp 2022?
For me it’s a privilege to be able to share my passion for the great void. Running on sand dunes with the sun on the horizon, without a trace or a path and being able to feel free to follow any direction you want, in complete freedom is a gift and an experience that changes inside.

What did you take away from this experience?Each time you learn something different. Because the desert changes, like us after all. Feeling free to play and jump off the golden dunes brings us back not only to our primordiality but also a little closer to our being children.

2023 will see you once again at the start of this adventure: how is it possible to register and participate in the next edition of the Desert Running Camp and what do you feel like saying to all those who would like to join you in this experience?
It is a unique experience and I invite all interested parties to visit our website:
or contact us directly on IG @mickeygraglia or @desertrunningcamps

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Maira Occitan Trail

Are you passionate about mountain running and are you curious to discover the Maira Valley?
From 5 to 8 October 2023 the second edition of the MOT Maira Occitan Trail will take place, a “race in different times”, which develops along the Occitan Routes (Percorsi Occitani), 180 km that cross the Valley in along and fascinating circular route.
A route that starts from the hamlets among the chestnut trees of Villar San Costanzo, until it reaches hills over 2 thousand meters. Local hospitality awaits you at every stop, with its small inns and the delicacies of Occitan cuisine.
In addition to the main race,
MOT 4x40k, available both in single version and in relay, we have also thought of other formulas for those who want to live the experience of the Maira Valley in a day. Saturday 7 October you can choose between MOT Meja 38k, MOT Viol 18k, MOT Walk 8k.

MOT 4x40k
It is the queen race of all Occitan Trail events. It develops in 4 stages of about 45 km each and crosses the entire valley along the famous paths of the Occitan routes (Percorsi Occitani).
2023 NEWS: from this year you can also run in a relay of 4 people!

A race to run entirely and to fully enjoy at every step, in the beating rhythm of the descents as well as in the slow cadence of the climbs.
Look up and admire what is around you, it’s truly breathtaking!

A race to run entirely and to fully enjoy at every step, in the beating rhythm of the descents as well as in the slow cadence of the climbs.

Short and decisive, a race that in a short time will make you live mixed emotions. The warm welcome of the villages, the autumn frost of high altitude that melts in the sun, an incomparable view that you will never forget!

The Occitanwalk is a non-competitive guided tour of about 8 km, with a little more than 300 meters of altitude gap that takes place in Marmora. It touches, the most characteristic villages of this part of the Maira Valley. It takes place on easy paths and is suitable for families with children and/or dogs (free for children under 10).

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